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Leonardo Del Vecchio born in Milan, Italy was left in an orphanage after his father’s death as it was impossible for her mother to support him because of financial condition.

Starting out as an apprentice for tool and die maker in Milan at the age of 14, he today owns Luxottica Group and acts as head for the company even at the age of 80.Today Leonardo worth is around 18 billion $.

When working for a factory making molds of auto parts and eyeglass frames, he was very much fascinated art of designing of the spectacle. It was his this passion for the spectacles which led him to move to a small village in Venice known as Agordo, a place which was known for major key players of eyeglass industries from trade to designing.

After spending nearly five years in learning everything possible about spectacles, in 1961 at the age of 26, he co-founded his own company Luxottica. Initially, Luxottica was a spectacles assembly company.

It was in 1967, Leonardo has had an experience of six years in the business and it was then he decided to start selling complete eyewear under the brand name of Luxottica, which proved to be immensely successful to allow him to enter into manufacturing market in the year 1971.

His constant determination to move forward and expansion was back in action in the year 1974 when he was convinced to acquire Scarrone, a distribution company.

In 1981 company had set up its first international subsidiary in Germany in a series of international expansion, in the year 1988 a licensing deal was struck with designers in Armani.

In 1990 company was listed in NYSE, and in 2000 it was listed in Italy stock exchange.

Today RAY-BAN, OAKLEY, PERSOL a few big names in the pocket Luxottica group


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