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A long time ago in1950’s a guy walked on doorsteps of COLGATE-PALMOLIVE and declared that he has an idea to increase their sale up to 40% but he would charge 100,000 $ for that, now during 50’s it was a really big amount and COLGATE-EXECUTIVES were greedy and they shooed him off.

Now for two weeks, executives tried and cried but came to no result which could increase the sale once to a whopping amount of 40%.

So, they called the guy again and asked him to perform the magic trick he said. He then presented them with a piece of paper with “make the hole bigger” written over it and solved their problem as easy as a smile.

The increase in the size of outlet hole from 4 to 5mm resulted in the increase of toothpaste consumption increasing their sale.

This is the reason now why the container has “for the best result squeeze from the bottom and flatten as you go up” printed all over it.

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