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A few years ago a company launched an application to avail cab services through smartphones in San Francisco. since then this application has spread like a wildfire throughout the globe spreading across 58 countries.

today uber is valued at 60 billion US $ and serves worldwide across 538 cities.

The story of founding Uber somewhat starts with two friends visiting Paris for LeWeb Conference, Garrett Camp, and Travis Kalanick on a snowy day were having a hard time availing cab on a snowy night, so they came up with simple idea tap a button and get a cab also Garret had been lingering for an idea to solve the cab problems in  San Francisco.

Camp started working on the prototype of such a service; it was tested in early 2010 in New York using only 3 cars and it was a success considering the no. of cars and people knew about the app.

The next step was launching the app in San Francisco for a bigger and more adequate platform.

By the end of 2011 Uber has generated around 45 million US $ in funding, and by the end of the year 2014, Uber has attracted investors from Chinese search engine BAIDU to GOOGLE.

What was thought to be an app to request premium black cars in a few metropolitan cities is now changing the transportation fabric of cities around the world, though started as a premium car service Uber today serves as a cab service which could be availed by anyone who can afford a cab.





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