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A boy on his last day to school was told by his headmaster that either he would become a “millionaire or end up in a jail”. Today he is dubbed as a knight by the queen and not to forget a billionaire.

He is none other than Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

At age of 16, he started his first business a mail-order record business from a church, the same place from where ran a student’s magazine. His idea was to sell the latest music hits for a lower price. It was a successful venture as it generated enough money for Branson to start his first actual business venture Virgin Records.

The company name was “VIRGIN” because Richard and group were new to the business.`

Virgin Records first signing was 19 years old Mike Oldfield and released the first album soaring Mike, Richard and Virgin Records to new heights.

They later went on to sign the famous “sex pistols” as no one else would and it bought Virgin Records to a whole new height and exposure to the world.

Richard’s next venture was founding of Virgin Airlines due to his frustration with airlines and their utter negligence of customers. He had this idea when he was stranded on an airport only because the flight was canceled since it didn’t have enough passengers to warrant the flight. It was there itself Richard got his first flight and passengers,

He charted a plane divided the total cost by no. of customers and moved on to his journey. He had to sell his Virgin Records for capital to invest in Virgin Airlines which he describes as ‘selling his children’s”.

Sir Richard is the only person in the world who have had started 8 different business in completely different tracks and each of them has raised to be worth of billion dollars

He has reached to his position only by necessary sacrifice and a risk he took all through his life.




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