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I am working on intricacies of details of maneuvers that he still doesn’t even know the name of.

                                                                                                       Frank Mir


Robert Taylor and his company MINNETONKA were the first to develop liquid soap in the 1970s; all they needed to do was pack it up in a bottle with a pump dispenser and sell it out.

The only problem they faced was nothing they were selling can be patented as it has been around for a long time.

Robert a former JHONSON& JOHNSONS salesman knew as soon as he would launch his product he would be outrun from other big giants (UNILEVER, P&G) armed with their r&d departments in a very little time crushing his company to depths.

At that time there were only two companies which made the bottle dispensers, so Robert collected 12million $ more than that of his company worth and went shopping to buy 100 millions of bottle dispensers so that it won’t be available for the next year or two.

For the next 2 years, he made $ 25 million by selling his product “SOFTSOAP”.

In 1987 COLGATE-PALMOLIVE CO. was forced to buy his SOFTSOAP brand for a whopping 61 million.

He later went on develop fragrances with CALVIN KLEIN.

Two years later UNILEVER PLC bought his MINNETONKA CORP along with CALVIN KLEIN fragrances for a whopping amount of $376 million.

Later in the business community MINNETONKA CORP. was known as “the mouse who roared”.

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